Liu Yuyang


  • 2013 Malicious Web Page Detection System
  • It's a product like the 360's webscan. I contributed to the crawler system as a python developer. Also, playing with javascript.

  • 2014 Swim Daily
  • A crawler for TopSwim and a crude static website generator. You can check it here

  • 2015 Baidu Institute of Front End Technology
  • I'm studyng at Baidu IFE as one of the first batch of students. By far finished task 2(html/css) and 1(javascript) and is working on task 3, a note app


HTML CSS Javascript HTTP Gimp/PhotoShop WebDev Linux Web Crawler Python OSdev Reverse Engineer Crypto Data Analysis Data Visiualization X86 Assembly C Node.js angular.js webgl InkScape LaTeX ...


  • 2013-2016Beijing University of Post and Communications, School of Computer Science, Information Security, M.E
  • 2009-2013Jiangnan University, Science College, Optical information science and technology, B.Sc
  • 2015-2015Baidu IFE
  • 2014-2015nodeschool learning node/webgl/glsl/js
  • 2015-2015imooc following some courses about FE
  • And coursera/audacity with lots of courses do nothing with FE

A passionate life-long learner,



I do lots of things in my teacher's company. but nothing about fe, so...


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On the way to be a competitive front end player.

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